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What is a regional club?


Regional clubs are an extension of the national organization and are formed for the purpose of promoting the American Paint Horse. They provide the framework for attracting new members at the local level. They nominate representatives to the national Board of Directors, cooperate in regional trail rides, conventions and championship shows.


Clubs obtain a charter by applying to APHA. There must be a minimum of 20 dues paying members in the club. At least 10 of those members must also be current APHA members in good standing. Clubs conduct annual election of officers and directors, maintain and report a budget, host shows and trail rides, establish rules for point tabulation for year-end awards, and report to APHA.


If you are interested in forming a club you can request a regional club information packet. Contact the regional club coordinator, Theresa Anderson at 817/222-6403.



How do I locate the regional club nearest me?


You can call APHA to obtain the name of the contact and the address of the club nearest you. There are about 110 regional clubs at this time, located over the entire United States, Canada and 12 foreign countries.


A listing of all current regional clubs and their contacts is available on the APHA web site at www.apha.com under APHA ONLINE. The club listing is also published quarterly in the Paint Horse Journal. The regional club coordinator is Theresa Anderson. You can contact her at 817/222-6403 or tanderson@apha.com.



What is a Gold Star Club?


A regional club is awarded the "Presidentís Gold Star Club" title if it holds and supports certain activities in addition to the minimum standards all clubs must maintain. A Gold Star Club holds fundraising activities that benefit charities or other benevolent organizations. A Gold Star Club also hosts youth activities, social gatherings, and special promotions, and is involved in community service.



What is the "Presidentís Club of Distinction" Contest?


The Presidentís Club of Distinction Contest is held annually for APHA Gold Star Clubs. The award is to recognize clubs who exemplify the qualities of a premier regional club by virtue of their service to their members, their communities and the APHA. A club that is recognized as a Gold Star Club is eligible to enter "Presidentís Club of Distinction" Contest. Eight winners are chosen each year. Winning clubs receive a valuable awards package of APHA corporate sponsor products and services.